Cost and Price Issues

Etsy tip 4.2 (1)

Cost and Price Issues You need to accurately figure out what your items cost : >> Total up your cost of materials, labor, etc. >>>>Then add a profit… or just price your items at market pricing !        You don’t want to price too high and never attract any buyers at all, and you don’t want to price too low and leave money on the table ! There are way too many pricing […]

Images and Photos SELL your product

Etsy tip 3.2 (1)

Images and Photos SELL your product !   > Take the best photos with the best camera you can afford. > Use good lighting… soft and diffused if possible…and from multiple angles. > Stage your photos using objects that look natural next to your product. : “Photography is one of the most important elements on Etsy.  Some buyers really need to see the product from every angle possible to determine if they will purchase. Then […]

Name Your Etsy Shop ?

Etsy Tip2.1

How do you pick a name for your Etsy Shop ? by EVERYTHING ETSY “What’s In A Name?” Well, some people seem to think that success itself is in a name.Be it for your business, your website, your blog, your Etsy Shop, or your DOG…names are important.While I don’t think a great name for your Etsy Shop will guarantee success (nor do I think a so-called “bad” name will doom you to failure), I do think that taking […]

What is best to sell on Etsy ??

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  Okay.. fine… now I am ON Etsy. What the heck do I sell ?  What sells ?  What is easy to sell ???   1.  Sell items that are similar Its certainly most advantageous to sell items in your shop that have a common theme, a common media, or some obvious similarity so that your shop is a “Specialty Shop”.  You want to be the Etsy expert in some subject matter or theme. If […]

How can people find you on Google ?

etsy tip 18.1

  Getting Your Etsy Listings To Show Up On Google By: People using search engines like Google and Yahoo can type in certain key search words that will hit on your Etsy shop.  The trick is knowing how to set up and populate your Etsy shop with the proper words and phrases. STEP 1: First, there’s the way Google finds you.   According to one source,  Google only picks up your title for the […]

Create a Blog

etsy tip 17.1

  There are many ways to promote and advertise your Etsy shop. One way is to CREATE  A  BLOG. A BLOG (from “weB” + “LOG”) is a special type of website or part of a website.   Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order.  “Blog” can also be used as a verb, meaning […]

Get Your Friends and Family to Buy

Etsy tip 16.1

We all know one way of getting those first few sales on Etsy right ? GET YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO BUY…right ? We don’t see anything wrong with that concept… just don’t be a nuisance to those close to you… you may alienate them by piling any pressure on them to buy your Etsy goods. Reasons to sell to your family and friends initially : 1.  It gives the impression that your items are […]

Promoting on Facebook

Etsy tip 15.1 (1)

Does it help to promote your Etsy shop on social media sites such as Facebook  ? YES. It can’t hurt to publicize your Etsy goods ! You may not double your business, but you will certainly add to your sales. How to promote on Facebook From: A Facebook Page can be used as a website type device for your Etsy business. Your Facebook Etsy Page is linked to and administered from your personal Facebook […]

Use Humor ? Pull my Finger ?

Etsy tip 14.5(2)

You need to be funny…or different… or interesting to get people’s attention.   This is really a personal belief of mine…but I think you should use humor and try to add some fun to your Etsy Shop. Why ?   Because there are so many boring and dull Etsy shops that sell that same old thing and y0u just want to ignore them ! To not get ignored…Turn Up the Volume to 11 ! Drop […]


etsy tips 13.4 (1)

    Renew…Relist… DO IT If you look at the successful Etsy Shops operating out there, most of them have one thing in common : They Renew (Re-list) their good selling items over and over and over and over. Why do this ? Its really simple :  When you Renew or Re-list your items, they appear higher in the search “hit” pages of people who are searching for particular subject matter. For Example: If I […]