What is best to sell on Etsy ??


Okay.. fine… now I am ON Etsy.

What the heck do I sell ?  What sells ?  What is easy to sell ???


1.  Sell items that are similar

Its certainly most advantageous to sell items in your shop that have a common theme, a common media, or some obvious similarity so that your shop is a “Specialty Shop”.  You want to be the Etsy expert in some subject matter or theme.

If you paint watercolors but like to also knit sweaters, then it would be best to open up two Etsy shops that focus on these very different topics.  That way, the Etsy buyers will believe that you are a “watercolor artist” by nature …or a “knitting expert”…and not some bored housewife or househusband who is finding varied and differing hobbies to keep them awake during the day.

2.  Sell Trendy or Cool items

You are likely to strike a chord with buyers by selling items that are considered Trendy or Cool than basic old fashioned boring items.  Selling custom IPad covers and paintings of Lady Gaga may be better ideas than custom laptop covers or paintings of Elvis Presley.   Think modern, think current, think what may be the hot item in 6 months.

3.  Sell Unique Items

Produce something that no one else is really making, so that you are truly a unique seller.  Making knit caps for babies seems pretty common and you’ll find 2 dozen shops doing this, but making knit caps for Brats dolls may be a more unique idea.  Painting the sunset in Hawaii may be too commonplace, but painting a moonset on Jupiter is more unique.  Use your imagination

4.  Sell seasonal items

Seasonal items for Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, etc can boost your sales…but make them unique unique unique !    If you can make some amazing outstanding Christmas cards, you may score some big sales…or painting mini-pumpkins at Halloween may also be an example of a good concept.

5.  Sell Affordable items

We don’t see too many items priced over $200 or so on Etsy.  You won’t find too much volume of $1000 original paintings, but you’ll find plenty of volume sellers who are having success selling their $30 copies of their original art pieces.  You won’t find too many custom $2000 Haute Couture dresses on Etsy, but you’ll see many volume sellers who are producing one of a kind T-shirts for $25.

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