Does Comedy Sell ? Yes, it does…


Does Comedy Sell ?  Yes, it does…

This is really a personal belief of mine…but I think you should use humor and try to add some fun to your Etsy Shop.

Why ?   Because there are so many boring and dull Etsy shops that sell that same old thing and y0u just want to ignore them !

To not get ignored…Turn Up the Volume to 11 !
Drop your pants.
Sing way off tune.
Say something stupid.
Make corny jokes.
Post crazy photos.

Just do something to get noticed !


1.   Use funny or imaginative Titles for  your items for sale.

Example:   Painting of a brown dog on a chair.
Dull Title:  “Brown Dog on Chair”.
Fun Title : “Get That Smelly Dog OFF my Chair”

Example:  Knit Sweater for a Baby
Dull Title:  “Red Knit Sweater, Child- Ages 2-3”
Fun Title:  “Red Riding Hood Sweater, Child -Ages 2-3”

2.   Use fun colorful imagery when you are describing your items for sale.

Example:  Painting of a brown dog on a chair.

Dull Description:   “Painting of a brown dog on a chair, 8 X 10 inch.  Your family will love this image”

Fun Description:   “Painful reminder of why God made man ruler over the animals.   Get That Smelly Dog OFF my Chair !”

3.  Use fun and attention getting photographs.

If you are in a common category and are selling common items, you can always take interesting fun photographs that will capture people’s attention and GET YOU NOTICED.


a.  Photograph your item in an odd place.

If you making knitted hats, then put those hats on top of statues of people in the park.  That would grab my attention.   If you are making women’s necklaces, then put the necklace on a girl (or guy) wearing a sexy piece of lingerie… at least that will capture attention !

b.  Photograph your item next to an oddity.

If you are selling framed photographs, then put that photo next to a bottle of beer…or a bottle of ketchup…or something weird.
If you are selling vintage items that sit on a shelf, then put those items next to something brand new from a store for a “old and new” contrast.
Use your imagination !

Have a couple of drinks !
Post your Etsy items while sitting naked !

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