How to “Name” your Product Postings ?

How to “Name” your Product Postings ?

You need to come up with CREATIVE and INTERESTING titles and descriptions to attract people to your Etsy Shop.

People will be browsing through your item listings and they will only glance at your thumbnail image and title…so you have to make that title COMPELLING and DESCRIPTIVE.

Using Good Titles for your items for sale will not waste your customers time !

1.  A Good Title should be COMPLETE.

When a person reads the title of your item for sale, it should describe the entire item in one basic phrase.
The person should NOT have to open up the item to try to figure out what you are selling.

Bad Title Example:   Painting of Colorful Flower
Good Title Example:  Original Sunflower Watercolor painting, 10 x 14 inch, canvas with wooden frame

2.  A Good Title should not be TOO CUTE

When someone reads your title, they don’t need to be fooled by confusing words, they need to be informed in
15 words or less WHAT YOU ARE SELLING.

Bad Title Example:   Paris Evening at Dusk, a whimsical scene of fun and frolic
Good Title Example:  Original Photograph of Paris Sunset, 8 X 10 inch Color Photo, Titled: Paris Evening at Dusk

 3.  A Good Title should not be SHORT

The title needs to consist of 2-4 phrases that describe your goods.  Make the title one line long…or about 8-12 words.

Bad Title Example:     Dog Collar
Good Title Example:    Hand Made Leather Dog Collar, stainless steel studs, small dogs (under 20 lbs)




Improving Your Etsy Listings: Item Titles

When creating titles for your items you really need to think like a shopper and follow a few basic guidelines.

If we’re talking strictly about Etsy, your main category (Vintage, Handmade, etc) should be a top consideration in naming your item.  Chances are, if someone is searching for something handmade, that is going to be the first word they type – same with vintage.  After main category think sub-category (Jewelry, Clothing, etc.).  What is your item?  In this case it’s a bouquet made of vintage brooches.  Include materials here such as type of metal, fabric, etc.  Towards the end of your title is where descriptive words like color and size come in.  Lastly, a lot of people recommend adding your shop name and the term “on Etsy”.  (i.e. vintage brooch bouquet by The Ritzy Rose on Etsy).  I personally find this redundant when working with Etsy because your shop name is already added to your listing for Google.

If a listing title were an equation, it would look something like this:

Category + Materials + Description (color, size) = Title

I know it sounds really simple but there is much debate about titles when it comes to Etsy.  Some people believe you do not have to have a full description, others use a string of keywords.  Others think the word “Handmade” is unnecessary as it is somehow inferred that things on Etsy are Handmade.  Keep in mind that not all things on Etsy are in fact Handmade!  There’s tons and tons of Vintage and lots of supplies.  I approach titles with my customers in mind.  I want them to find my items without having to scour through pages of irrelevant things.  If my customer is searching for Handmade Brass Earrings in Blue and Green, then my title needs to reflect that.  You have to think like (most) people think when they search the internet.

Another key ingredient of listing titles is your tags.  Your tags are keywords that mirror and expand upon your title.  Your tags should include the same terms you used in your title and you should be considering tags when coming up with a title.  The entire tagging process is actually a great tool for improving your titles as the main and sub-categories will all show up for you.  One thing to keep in mind when tagging is not to use the same tags over and over again for all your listings.  You need to be as descriptive as possible, drilling down to exactly what your item is.

The last key components that go hand in hand with titles and tagging is your shop announcement and shop title.  The announcement – this short description may be the most important piece of the puzzle.  You edit this in the same place you edit your shop title and your announcement should use the same key words you use in your shop title.  The most important thing to remember is that search engines only pick up the first 160 characters of this announcement.  Don’t waste your precious space with too many greetings and non-important information.  Again I’ll use the Ritzy Rose as a great example.  This is her announcement, of which I’ve highlighted the first 160 characters:


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