Images and Photos SELL your product

Images and Photos SELL your product !


> Take the best photos with the best camera you can afford.
> Use good lighting… soft and diffused if possible…and from multiple angles.
> Stage your photos using objects that look natural next to your product. :

Photography is one of the most important elements on Etsy.  Some buyers really need to see the product from every angle possible to determine if they will purchase. Then there are more experienced online shoppers who can look at a product and get it right off without a lot of photos to explain.”

“In general, photographs of a seller’s items work if they have life, creativity, and emotions while still showing what the items looks like.  At the end of the day, online sellers must remember showing what the item looks like isn’t just important, it’s vital to sales.”

Your product should be shown how it will be used.  It should be “put into its lifestyle”, shown how it “will live” with the life of the person who buys it.”


  1. Be Very Creative.  “Your photos will become the branded look of your shop. Creative, and clear photos make it into Etsy Treasuries a lot,” Renaissance said.
  2. Go Natural. As other photography pros have told, natural light is best.  “Use natural light as much as possible,” she said.  “Light is the key element to all photos. The normal consumer that has a point and shoot camera may not know how to use light bouncing off of a wall. Shooting by a windows is best and creating a scene for you product is best because the light is soft.”
  3. No Lightbox. Interestingly, Renaissance recommends to stay away from lightboxes.  Other reader articles have said to utilize a lightbox.  What are Renaissances reasons?  “Use a lightbox only if you really, really, know what it’s all about and how it operates,” she said.  “My thing with lightboxes is that usually it’s just an object that ends up on an all white background with no mood. The photo comes out fuzzy and details are not clear if you are not a professional product photographer.”
  4. Watch Out For The Sun! Do not shoot in directly sunlight. The light is way too hard and unflattering and often times you lose details in the product. If you are shooting jewelry or small objects or even a model, shoot in the shade just off the direct light. You don’t want to shoot in the darkest part of the shades, just where the shade and sunlight meet.”

” … recommends editing your handmade item photographs in a photo editing program.  “I do have Photoshop CS3but for what I do on Etsy, I just use Adobe Photoshop Elements 6. It’s really great and basic, more of a consumer brand Adobe product.”

Lighten photos a little more so that when you upload your photos they don’t look dull. There are settings for saving your images for web, but I just like to over expose like 1 or 2%, so that it is vibrant when I upload it to the web. Really take some time and learn your photo editing programs. That’s usually the fun part where you can get really creative with your photos. Sometimes you can saturate colors a little more so that those colors can grab the attention of the buyer or Etsy Treasury curator.”

As for her camera choice, she uses a professional digital SLR camera.  “If you can afford to get something expensive, then do so. “It’s worth it in the end.”

“However, if a professional camera is not in your price range, she suggests finding a point-and-shot that has image stabalizer.  “I lot of people mention the Canon Powershot. It is one of the least expensive point and shoots, but I would say go a couple of steps above that. It will definitely be worth the extra cost. Really do your research before purchasing. Go to the retailer and look at it up close, ask questions,” she says.    (from Yahoo):

A.   Use all 5 photo slots :In search results, Etsy showcases a thumbnail one of your chosen product photos. Compelling thumbnail photos will entice Etsy shoppers to click on your product — but don’t stop at the thumbnail!  Use all five photo slots to display various views and characteristics of your item — since shoppers can’t try on or hold you items, your photos should show them how it looks and fits from every angle. Front, back, side and close up are all views that Etsy shoppers may want to see. The more angles and details you can display in your product photos, the more Etsy comfortable shoppers will feel purchasing the item without seeing it in person.


B.  Pay close attention to lighting in your photo:

Poor lighting can turn potential Etsy buyers away. When possible, try to shoot your Etsy photos in natural light. Natural light is the most flattering and easy to work with – photos taken in natural light have more true-to-life colors. When working with indoor lighting, make sure that your light isn’t too dim, and doesn’t cast distracting shadows on your item or background. You may need to adjust the white-balance of your photos to account for the yellow tone of tungsten bulbs; otherwise, your product’s colors will look inaccurate. As another indoor lighting option, natural light/daylight bulbs mimic the wavelengths of daylight, but tend to skew towards the blue end of the spectrum.

C.  Add good photo Backgrounds:

Your Etsy photo background should compliment your product whenever possible. At the least, you should use a simple background that won’t distract Etsy shoppers – neutral, single-color backgrounds work best. If you have the opportunity, opt for a complimentary background that enhances your photo. For instance, are you selling sea-shell inspired jewelry? Try photographing your pieces on a sandy backdrop. Selling vintage clothing? Photograph your clothing in vintage-styled setting that isn’t too distracting to the viewer. Be sure to crop out any distracting edges of your photograph – otherwise, your Etsy photos could look sloppy.

D.  Add style to your product photo:

Although this tip applies more to clothing and accessories, appropriately styling you product is essential to a great Etsy photo. If you’re selling a vintage or hand-made skirt, for instance, don’t just photograph the skirt on a hanger — bring it to life! Photograph the skirt on a mannequin or a model, and style the skirt from head to toe, without distracting shoppers from the skirt. Selling a necklace on Etsy? Photograph how it lays on your neck. Such photos give shoppers a glimpse into how the item will fit, wear, and lay on the body. This is especially critical for more unique and fashion forward items that Etsy shoppers haven’t worn or used before – giving Etsy shoppers an idea of how to wear a particular item in a photo can increase its appeal.

Remember, your job as an Etsy shop owner is to sell – make sure that your photos make your items look their best!

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