Maximize the Effectiveness of Tag Words


Maximize the Effectiveness of Tag Words


Tag Words are the descriptive words and phrases that you enter into your Etsy listing that enable people to search and find your items.

For example, if you list a Blue Stuffed Animal Dog, then you will surely want those 4 words as Tag Words, in addition to alot more Tag Words.

Two basic rules for Tag Words :

>>Using the most effective Tag Words will help people find your Etsy items easily.
>Choose as many Tag Words as possible and use your brain to find the best words and phrases.


Tag Word Tips:

1.  Use Multiple Words in each Tag Word space.

Etsy allows up to 13 Tag Word spaces, and each space can contain up to 20 letters.   So, input 2-3 words in each Tag Word space, and you end up with up to 30-40 total descriptive words in the Tag Word space.

Example:  Don’t just use “Dog” as a single Tag Word…but use “Red Dog Puppy” and you’ve got 3 words in that one space.

2.  Use Tag Words that are merely “similar” to your items for sale.

Since you want to use as many Tag Words as possible, you should add words that may not describe your item “exactly”, but are in the same ball park.  If you have a painting of a forest of trees, you will want “Tree”, “Forest”, “Landscape”, “Nature” and “Painting” as obvious Tag Words.  But you should also add similar words that may not describe your item closely, such as “Plant”, “Leaf”, “Flowers”, “Mountain”, “Bird” and “Beautiful”.   This way you will attract alot more people who are searching for similar items to yours.

3.   No need to use Plural Words

You don’t need to use plurals of singular words.  Etsy picks up on partial strings of words.   So if you use “Tree” as a tag word, and then if someone enters “Trees” in an Etsy search, it will result in a search hit since it will pick up on the shorter partial word.   If you use “snowball” as a tag word, then Etsy will also result “snow” as a search word hit, for example.


More Tag Word advice from

Choosing appropriate, search-engine-optimized tags will bring the most traffic to your Etsy store and increase your sales. Tags serve two main purposes: they allow shoppers to find your store, and they ensure the the right shoppers find your store. You want to attract lots of traffic, but only if those buyers are interested in what you have to offer.

A.   Write down the top three keywords or keyword phrases you think a buyer looking for your product would search for. Avoid making all your tags single words; mix in a few keyword phrases for best results. Choose words that describe the product without being too general or specific, and avoid overly competitive phrases. For example, a crochet scarf might use the phrase “rainbow colored wool crochet scarf” as a key phrase along with “crochet woolen scarf” or “rainbow colored scarf.” Using only the word “scarf” is both generic and overly competitive since many users will have already used the same phrase.

B.  Enter your three main keywords and keyword phrases into a free keyword suggestion tool. Google AdWords provides free keyword suggestion services, while provides a free tool specifically for creating Etsy tags. Examine the results to see which other popular terms it produces. Add the terms you feel work well with your items to your list, or replace your original term if you find a better match.

C.   Write down all the qualities about your product that you can think of. This includes colors, materials, method of creation such as crochet, size of the product and even style words. Style words include phrases such as “art deco” and “whimsical.” Avoid “unique” or “one-of-a-kind.” These terms are used so often your search will get lost in an avalanche of other “unique” products.

D.  Add keywords to represent a subcategory. Etsy features main categories such as “Jewelry,” “Clothing” and “Crochet.” If you’ve created a crochet scarf, you might choose the “Crochet” category and use “clothing” in one of your tags.

E.   Search Etsy for other items similar to yours and see what terms the seller uses. Combine these terms with your own to create new keywords. Avoid copying another seller’s keyword phrase word-for-word as this will make a buyer less likely to land on your item if everyone uses the same phrase.


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