Maximizing use of Treasury Lists


Maximizing use of Treasury Lists

How exactly DO you set up and use a Treasury List ?
What advantage will that give you ?



The Etsy Treasury Tool is a constantly changing shopping gallery that members share with one another of items that have piqued their interest. Each treasury is a list that contains up to 16 items – often centered around a specific theme. Some members use the Treasury to simply share their favorite items. Any member of Etsy can create a Treasury and there are no limits on the number of lists per person. As a seller on Etsy, getting featured on a Treasury will boost your exposure.

How to Create a Treasury List

You can select up to 16 items to create a Treasury and choose any item you like. In order to add an item to your Treasury, you need to record the listing page URL (web address) or listing ID number for each item. When browsing a listing, it is the number found in your web browser’s address bar. Once you have a list of items to include, you must be signed into your Etsy account.

Go to the Treasury page, which is linked on the homepage and the Buy page. Click on the blue button that says Create a List – found in the right column. A new page will launch that allows you to construct your list.

What type of list are you creating? This should be reflected in the title you select. Aim for creativity, catchiness and relevancy when selecting a title. For example, a list centered on cookies could be called “Cookie Monster’s Favorites.” The description is your chance to share the reason why you created the list in the first place. You can set the privacy level of your list: private (only visible to you) or public (visible to everyone). Use descriptive keywords (called tags) to help shoppers find your Treasury. Choose words that describe the list as a whole.

To feature your chosen items in the Treasury, enter the listing page URL or the listing ID number into the box and click OK. Once you are done, review your list, scroll down, and then click the Save button.

Why Create a Treasury?

Creating a Treasury on Etsy is not meant for sellers to promote their own goods. This is your chance to acknowledge and share some of the items on Etsy that you find unique. In turn, other sellers may return the favor. Sometimes, Etsy staff will highlight a whole or partial Treasury on their homepage featuring “Handpicked” items.



Many Etsy sellers create Treasuries – curated collections of Etsy items that are featured on Etsy’s “Treasury” page. These Treasuries are featured on Etsy for a limited amount of time, usually no more than two days. Most Treasuries have themes, such as color, price, or function, and feature twelve different items. Etsy users visit the Treasury page to browse curated items, and see what new things curators have found to share.

When one of your Etsy items is featured in a Treasury, it’s great exposure for your product, and it’s also very exciting! An fellow Etsian has seen your product, and liked it enough to highlight it, effectively providing free marking for you. Anyone who views the Treasury and is interested in your product can click directly through to your Etsy site. However, there’s an opportunity to leverage your Treasury placement beyond just those folks who see the Treasury “live.” So if you’ve been featured in a Treasury, don’t just get excited – get busy! Here are some simple ways to make the most of your Treasury feature:

1) Know about it! Many times the creator of the Treasury will convo you to let you know they’ve featured you. But not always. Check the free “Treasure Hunt” feature of the Web site Craftopolis ( once a day to see if you are featured in any Treasuries.

2) Take a screen shot! Treasuries are fleeting – they only stick around for a few days. So grab a screen shot of your Treasury (visit for instructions if you don’t know how) to preserve your moment in the sun.

3) Announce it! Let your community know about your great good luck of getting featured in a Treasury. Consider blogging about the Treasury first, then including a link to your blog entry (rather than a link directly to the Treasury) when you Twitter, Facebook, etc. about it. Why? Treasuries disappear in a few days, and so do their URLs. And broken links are no fun.

In my blog entries about Treasury features, I always include:
– A screenshot of the Treasury
– A direct link to whichever one of my items was featured in the Treasury

– A link to the Treasury curator’s shop

4) Say thank you! Leave a comment on the Treasury page on Etsy, thanking the curator. Also convo the curator to thank them directly. Be sure to include a link to the blog entry you wrote, and let them know you’ve linked to their shop. They’ll appreciate it, and perhaps think of you again next time they nab a Treasury!

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