Promoting on Facebook

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Does it help to promote your Etsy shop on social media sites such as Facebook  ? YES. It can’t hurt to publicize your Etsy goods ! You may not double your business, but you will certainly add to your sales. How to promote on Facebook From: A Facebook Page can be used as a website type device for your Etsy business. Your Facebook Etsy Page is linked to and administered from your personal Facebook […]

Use Humor ? Pull my Finger ?

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You need to be funny…or different… or interesting to get people’s attention.   This is really a personal belief of mine…but I think you should use humor and try to add some fun to your Etsy Shop. Why ?   Because there are so many boring and dull Etsy shops that sell that same old thing and y0u just want to ignore them ! To not get ignored…Turn Up the Volume to 11 ! Drop […]


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    Renew…Relist… DO IT If you look at the successful Etsy Shops operating out there, most of them have one thing in common : They Renew (Re-list) their good selling items over and over and over and over. Why do this ? Its really simple :  When you Renew or Re-list your items, they appear higher in the search “hit” pages of people who are searching for particular subject matter. For Example: If I […]

Feedback…What does it mean ?

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Feedback. What does it mean on Etsy ?   If you have ever used Ebay, then  you certainly know what “Feedback” is for. Feedback is a method for buyers and sellers to provide information on the actions and reputations of the Etsy shop owner … or the Etsy buyer. When a buyer purchases from the Etsy shop owner, the buyer can provide Feedback that describes how the transaction progressed and how the items purchased turned […]

Treasury Lists: What ? How ?

Etsty tip 10.1

  Treasury Lists. What are they ?    How do you use them ?  From: The Etsy Treasury Tool is a constantly changing shopping gallery that members share with one another of items that have piqued their interest. Each treasury is a list that contains up to 16 items – often centered around a specific theme. Some members use the Treasury to simply share their favorite items. Any member of Etsy can create […]

How to Use “Circles”

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  What are “Circles” on Etsy…. and how do you use them ?                                                  Good question.   Let’s find out… because I really don’t know that much….I am going to steal some words… from:   The idea behind Etsy’s new circles and activity feed features is pretty straight forward – to […]

How to Use “Favorites”

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    What are “Favorites” on Etsy ? You can look at other peoples’ Etsy shops and tag items that you like as your “Favorites”. This is a good practice, because it shows other shop owners and customers that you are interested in others’ work, and it also shows what types of Etsy items that you find attractive.  Think of Favorites as an extension of your shop…Favorites are “things that I wish I could create […]

How to Write Good Descriptions

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Writing Good Descriptions Basic rules for writing good descriptions : 1.  Answer all Questions: The descriptions of your goods should answer any and all questions that a potential shopper may have about your products.  You need to cover all the topics that a potential buyer is interested in : What does the item look like ? What size or shape is the item ? What is the item used for ? What colors and sizes […]

Use “Tag Words” Effectively

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Tag Words are the descriptive words and phrases that you enter into your Etsy listing that enable people to search and find your items. For example, if you list a Blue Stuffed Animal Dog, then you will surely want those 4 words as Tag Words, in addition to alot more Tag Words. Two basic rules for Tag Words : >>Using the most effective Tag Words will help people find your Etsy items easily. >>Choose as […]

Use Good Titles for your Goods

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The TITLES for your Etsy items …. need to be descriptive and interesting.  People will be browsing through your item listings and they will only glance at your thumbnail image and title…so you have to make that title COMPELLING and DESCRIPTIVE. Using Good Titles for your items for sale will not waste your customers time ! 1.  A Good Title should be COMPLETE. When a person reads the title of your item for sale, it should […]