Your Relatives are your Best Customers

Your Relatives are your Best Customers !
We all know one way of getting those first few sales on Etsy right ?



We don’t see anything wrong with that concept… just don’t be a nuisance to those close to you… you may alienate them by piling any pressure on them to buy your Etsy goods.

Reasons to sell to your family and friends initially :

1.  It gives the impression that your items are popular and desirable.  People prefer to buy if you have a Sales History !

If you can sell 3-4 items in the first week or two of opening your Etsy account, then other people are more likely to buy as they see that you have actually sold a few items and are a legitimate  trustworthy Etsy shop owner. People don’t like to buy from a Zero seller…they like to buy from a Successful seller.   If I wanted to buy a basic photograph of a white poodle dog for example, I would buy it from the guy who has Ten sales instead of the guy who has Zero sales.

2.  It gives you inspiration to work harder at your Etsy craft.

Even if you do sell to people that you know, just having a few “sales” will drive you a bit to produce more Etsy items and work your Etsy shop a bit harder

3.  It’s easy money.

Why not ?   You can pocket a bit of cash from your relatives and friends.  They will likely be happy to help you out.


Here are some other thoughts in relation to selling to family & friends :

A.  Reimburse them.
You can always ask them to buy an item on your Etsy account, pay with Paypal or a check… and then you can reimburse later on for their favor.  You’re basically giving your loved ones a gift of your Etsy item.

B.  Lower your pricing for them.
You can temporarily Lower your pricing for anyone that you want.  Just tell them by phone or e-mail what time you will Lower the price.  Have them buy the item very soon after you lower the price.


Boom… you get a sale and provide a nice favor.  When you renew the item after you make that sale, you can raise the price back up to the original level.



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